Your airconditioner could be a threat to your health and your power bill!

Doug Goobanko ElectricalLiving in Central Queensland, most of us have split system air conditioners in our homes to look after us in summer, but are we looking after them?

Without proper servicing your air conditioner can be a threat to both your health and your power bill.

Condensation in head units creates a paradise for mould and mildew. The main cause of this moisture is usually dirty filters. This will force the unit to work harder to cool the room, sometimes doubling the regular energy usage of the unit.

This can also be caused by poor installation techniques, including pipes exposed to the sun and mounting outdoor units in places with stifled airflow.

Also, neglecting to have your unit serviced by a qualified person can sometimes result in a voided manufacturer’s warranty.

A proper aircon service will address all these problems, leaving you with a healthy unit, bank balance, and family.

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