Alex Staines

Pictured Alex, Sally, Georgia and Tom
As a local business owner, employer, parent and resident of our region I am acutely aware of the challenges our region is currently facing with a dramatic shift in our economic circumstances.
Our council must have the resilience to face these challenges head on and come out the other side better, stronger and more competitive with a diverse range of industries encouraged to establish themselves here for our long term prosperity. We need to be perceived by others as “good to do business with” to encourage and secure future investment. However, to achieve this we need to have representatives with business “know how” to be able to promote the benefits of investing in our region to the attention of those who make these investment decisions.
We need representatives who have experience in setting and maintaining budgets and what’s required to keep a fiscally responsible operation working efficiently for all stakeholders. I face these same financial constraints every day within my very own steakhouse restaurant with changes in our input costs (managing price fluctuations across beef, poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables) and maintaining an adequate supply of skilled labour. I will readily reapply these business management skills and knowledge of fiscally responsible practices to the role of Councillor.
And finally, with tertiary qualifications in Marketing and Communications, I have the education and skills to help promote our region to a broader audience. We have so much to be proud of in our region, let’s not be shy about selling that message to a global audience and secure a bright future for my family, your family and all the families that call the Gladstone Region home.
Alex Staines – Local Matters
Candidate for Gladstone Regional Council
Pictures below proudly taken by Alex of our great Gladstone Region.
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