The full cast list of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has been announced!


The cast of the Gladstone’s community musical has been announced! 

GECC have announced the 2017 community musical will be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A classic family-friendly musical featuring the fantastical and amazing flying car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The set, professionally designed and engineered, is guaranteed to wow audiences from the very young to the elderly.  Familiar songs, funny scripts and devilish characters will ignite imagination and bring this vintage production to life.   The part we love the best about this show is that the cast is local. It gives our local talent a great opportunity to work on and star in a professional production.

The musical connects our local community across the arts disciplines and involves a local cast of up to 70 people; a local orchestra; professional production team; and management committee.  The production is, by all means, a semi-professional show with full casting and rehearsals commencing four months in advance, and continuing until the opening night. Presented on Friday night June 16 through to Sunday, June 18, the GECC will bring four magical shows to the community.

Without any further anticipation, we can proudly announce the cast. These local talented performers have been selected through the audition process, they proved their incredible talents are going to make this a not-to-be-missed show.



Lead Kathleen Watt Truly Scrumptious
Understudy lead, minor lead, Chorus Janine Lester Violet Inventor 8, Chorus
Lead 1 Sophia Ross Jemima Potts
Lead 2 Abby Davies Jemima Potts
Lead 1 William Patrick Jeremy Potts 1
Lead 2 Kayden Bradford Jeremy Potts 2
Lead Simeon Kelly Caractacus Potts
Lead Robin Lord Baron
Lead Peta Pitt Baroness
Lead Ben Felix Boris
Lead Perri Hayes Goran
Minor lead Tiana Ewins Child Catcher Chorus Act 1
Minor Lead Luke Lanzon Grandpa Potts Chorus (off stage)
Minor Lead Asher Roby The Toymaker Chorus Act 1 ‘Toots’
Minor Lead Jack Viljoen Sid Inventor 6, Chorus ‘Toot,’’Samba’
Minor Lead Imogen Chapman Ms Phillips Soldier 2, Chorus (not Sweet Factory)
Minor Lead Joshua Kearney Coggins Soldier 1, Chorus ‘Toots’, ‘Samba’
Minor Lead Natalie Heinemann Chef Chorus (not Sweet Factory) *
Minor Lead Wesley Walker Lord Scrumptious Inventor 2, Chorus ‘Samba’
Minor Lead Michael Connolly Junkman Chorus
Minor Lead Steve Felix Turkey Farmer Inventor 4,Chorus ‘Toots’, ‘Samba’
Minor Lead Patrick Kelly Inventor 1 Chorus
Minor Lead Bradley Carr Inventor 7 Chorus Male Lead
Minor Lead Kerry Whitaker Inventor 5 Chorus *
Minor Lead Bridget Kelly Inventor 3 Chorus *
Adult Chorus Natalie Hinde
Chorus Kyra Dunnett
Chorus Michelle Spann
Chorus Colleen Keogh
Chorus Maryjane Fouracre
Chorus Michelle Bradshaw
Chorus Taylor Goodman-Jones *
Chorus Jennifer Garrett *
Chorus Sarah Bobart *
Chorus Tracey Radmall *
Chorus Mikeal Bobart *
Chorus Star Radel *
Chorus Delaney Burke *


Adult Chorus Warren Hodgson ‘Toots’, ‘Samba’
Chorus Adrian Marcial Male Lead
Chorus Jenni Tidd
Child Minor Alexander Niven Stephen Chn. chorus (Boy) ‘Teamwork’
Child Minor Tehya Graham Greta Chn. Chorus
Child Minor Ismari Van der Westhuizen Susan Chn. chorus
Child Minor Aurora Mc Bride Marta Chn. Chorus (Girl) ‘Teamwork’
Child Minor Teah De Piazza Toby Chn. Chorus
Children’s Chorus Taneal Magic
Chorus Luke Lilley
Chorus Jasmin Antoniou
Chorus Annamonet Massey
Chorus Keira Gibson
Chorus Nicky Bradshaw
Chorus Bethany Morrissy
Chorus Jazmin Temple




For a printable copy of the cast list please click here.