Gary and Joy Cowburn may be honored in the future with a street, park or other public facility named after them.

The boxing gym at the Gladstone PCYC already bears the name of the local boxing champ and indigenous and community leader, but with the addition of both Gary Cowburn and Joy Cowburn to the approved place names register, the honour will be extended to a future development in the town that the Cowburns loved and where they helped so many people.

Councillor Glenn Churchill said with potential developments at Police Creek may be a good location for a permanent monument to Gary and wife Joy.

Council agreed to propose both names be added to the approved place names register, with more information to be provided by the Gladstone PCYC.

In its current form, the Approved Place Names policy wouldn’t permit a Gary Cowburn or Joy Cowburn Street because of its restriction on ‘dual names’ despite the several precedents formed by Col Brown Ave and Peter Corones Drive.

Councillor Churchill said: “I’d like as the mover of the motion, I’m making a pre-emptive strike here, if the policy doesn’t allow it, then I will ask again at the review in May.”