To develop, or not to develop – that is the question.

Coles Gladstone

Yesterday it was announced that Gladstone Regional Council had rejected applications to develop a shopping centre, including a Coles supermarket and other specialty stores on land on the corner of Kirkwood Road and Dixon Drive. The decision was made due to zoning issues, commercial centre hierarchy, road hierarchy and traffic conflicts.

Gladstone News held a poll to find out what the Gladstone community would like to see happen with the proposed development. With 63% expressing that they did think the corner of Kirkwood Road and Dixon Drive was a suitable location. The other 37% of voters agreed with the Councils decision in that there are more suitable locations in Gladstone for the development.

While Gladstone locals all have their own opinion on the matter, we may eventually have no say, with it expected that Coles Group will take Council to Planning and Environment Court to try and have the decision changed.


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