Gladstone Field Archers and Awoonga Dam will host the 18th Australian Longbow and Recurve Muster!

Gladstone Field Archers


The President of Gladstone Field Archers says the greatest danger in the seemingly risky sport is exposure to the elements.

“Anyone can become a good archer, all it really takes is patience and practice,” he said. “Bows come in different sizes and strengths so as long as the bow is matched to the archer, it is not overly demanding.”

On April 29 through to May 1, Awoonga Dam will host the 18th Australian Longbow and Recurve Muster.

It’s a competition constructed on a two-kilometre course where 20 targets between 10-40 metres away.

The course loop is carefully designed, with each target 25-50 metres apart. Targets are on the outward side of the loop, making the most of the natural terrain available and maintaining safety.

Not only is the competition a lot of fun for the entire family, it’s a skill basedGladstone Field Archers challenge based in outdoors, making the most of one of the Gladstone region’s best natural environments.

“We are very focused on safety and have some strict rules. There are the usual risks with outdoor sports, such as heat exhaustion, but I would say it would be very similar to golf,” said Steve. “There are many aspects, it is a sport which you can compete individually, but is done in groups, so you can compete against others. It is an outdoor sport but not overly demanding, so anyone can do it.”

While shows such as Game of Thrones may make people fall in love with the idea, of archery, it is the initial step outside of your comfort zone to trial the sport that makes people fall in love.

Beginners are warmly invited to trial archery at Awoonga Dam on Sunday mornings from 8am-9am. No equipment is required, just bring enclosed shoes.

To learn more about the upcoming 18th Australian Longbow and Recurve Muster, head to

The muster entry price includes free camping, firewood and complimentary dinner on the Friday night. The May long weekend at the muster will be on target!

See the website to purchase tickets and for more details.

Gladstone Field Archers