Gladstone men ‘lurking’. Help us expose them!

Gladstone men ‘lurking’. Help us expose them!

Not weird or creepy ‘lurking’, we mean facebook lurking!

We are about to blow a theory out of the water, its normally not talked about but now is the time!

Sorry if you thought this was a vicious attack on the men of Gladstone. It is not awful but it does expose a certain ‘not talked about’ matter of how men use facey!

LURKING – looking but pretending you are not looking. (aka – not commenting, not clicking like or tagging)

People think that Men don’t use facebook much at all because they don’t post. Every now and again the old share of a car burnout video, a funny meme or maybe buying something on classifieds. Thats how it ‘appears’ men use social networking.

I brought up this topic to a few of my friends and we have uncovered a truth. All of our men are ALWAYS on facebook. I mean more than we are. They scroll, look and will comment to us on the couch about something someone wrote on Gladstone Open Discussion Page – and this is where we have coined the term ‘lurker’. They look and browse but don’t make it known. Somehw they seem to know every thing that is happening on the book.

We also discovered there is an exception to the rule – like when wearing Pink shirt’s came in. Most dudes didn’t do it and then was a few decided to roll with it!

There’s a certain man who will post on facebook -a LOT. He is comfortable to have a romantic picture of himself and his partner on the profile pic. He will interact and share…. he will even post pics of date nights,what he cooked for dinner and maybe a gym selfie too. He is not a LURKER!

BUT our theory still stands… Men love lurking. If you know a lurker – lets make this a thing. Play a prank on our lurking friends to expose their love of facebook.

Step one – wait til you notice them on facebook – lukring away.

Step two – sneakily get behind them and snap a picture of them in actin.

Step three – post it on facebook and tag them in it.

Step four – Add the hashtag #gladstonenews #lurking

We will publish the top 5 ‘exposing a lurker’ pics for a bit of fun over the coming weeks! Thanks for playing along Gladstone- you do have a great sense of humor.

Disclaimer – If you know a female lurker we would hate to be sexist – lets include them too!