Men’s Health Week 2017 – HitFM Host Sober for 3 Years!


I’ve been sober from alcohol for almost 3 years now. My last drink was a week before my 25th birthday. I’d tried giving up plenty of times before. I managed to make it to 35 days and what followed after that was one of the lowest weeks of my life.

I’d drink out of boredom, I’d drink for confidence, I’d drink to feel better. I’d secretly drink at work and I’d secretly drink at home. I’d drink because I couldn’t deal with the hangover #HairOfTheDog which would accidentally turn into a #5DayBender. But truth be told, the physical pain of the hangover was small fry compared to the anxiety and depression I’d experience in the days afterward.

The shame, embarrassment, and guilt reached a point where it was blindingly obvious that my alcohol consumption was directly in correlation to my mood and happiness.

I guess it took me so long to finally shake “the beast” because alcohol is so readily available and socially accepted, especially in Australia. I personally feel that mental health, much like physical health, can be worked on and improved on a daily basis.

If you can have a drink, or two, or 20 and continue on the next day happy and stable in your own head, then more power to you. Unfortunately, some of us have to come to the harsh realisation that it no longer serves us. Sobriety is in no way the solution to all my problems, but it is one less demon that I don’t have to hang with anymore.

Is alcohol a problem? If it’s harming you, or someone you know, it may be time to seek advice from a professional.
Lifeline: 131114