Local Life Savers

They may not be the type that wear red swimsuits and run on the beach but people around our community that donate blood are lifesavers. I am very passionate about this as last year my mum had an awful battle with Leukaemia. She spent 6 months going through chemo and having a bone marrow transplant. She was overwhelmed and often commented on what a great feeling it was that another human who was a stranger had helped her, when they’d donate blood it meant that my mum was able to be with us for longer. Seeing a bag of blood that some one has donated hanging next to her in a hospital ward day after day makes you realise this is one of the best gifts you can give another human!

Unfortunately my mum lost her battle with Leukaemia a few months ago but I made a promise to her that I would continue to tell people to donate blood and help others!

Today as the proud new owner of the newspaper I am able to do just that. I am going to choose a local lifesaver to shine the light on this good deed with the hope it helps others get out there and make a donation.

– Karina

Shane has been donating for more than 5 years. He started blood donation every twelve weeks then progressed to plasma, which can be donated every 2 weeks and is also on the bone marrow donation register. Shane is doing his 47th donation next week. Shane McLoud – you are a blood-y legend.

Be like Shane and give Kerry Myers at the Blood Bank a call on 49726357 to book in today!