Lynette Dahl

Lynette Dahl

My family and I were born, raised and educated in the Gladstone Region and have a long tradition of community pride and service.  The Gladstone Region has been extremely good to us and it is now time for me to repay that debt.

I believe that the Gladstone Regional Council needs to consist of a mixture of people; some with a business approach and other with a service to people approach.  Following a successful career in industry I have now chosen to focus on working towards improving our Community. If elected, I will be a full-time Councillor with no other obligations.  Our Region has some tough times ahead and we will have to work together to bring this Region through and to continue to grow and flourish as a community.  Council needs to be more available to its population and as a Councillor I will be available to my Community, to listen to your concerns and issues and to work with you on creative solutions.

The opportunity for a Community Services Hub in our Region MUST happen, not as a Retirement Village but as a hub to provide a home to the community services in the Region, a place to take the guess work out of finding services.

Council MUST look at the percentage of local content with ALL contracts awarded, we cannot cut corners at the expense of the people who work here.

The Boyne/Tannum/Benaraby Region need a public access swimming complex.  This is no longer a pipe dream for the area but a facility we must provide to keep people in our Region and to make the area more and more liveable.  This does not have to come out of Council funds, there are numerous opportunities for funding both State and Federal to achieve this goal.

The Agnes Water/1770 area has done a great job in building their identity, we now need to support the efforts of those who live, work and thrive there.

There are so many areas the Council has lost focus on, just because an area of the Region does not have a large population, it does not mean that they can be ignored.  Innovative Business thinking does not need to focus just on Gladstone but the smaller areas as well.  The Gladstone Region is made up of in excess of 60,000 worthy and valid human beings who are entitled to our involvement and trust, and we as a Council need to earn that back.  That is a big ask for a community that has lost faith in their Council but I will do this full time, one person at a time if I must, I will be YOUR Councillor, here to represent YOUR needs.

The Gladstone Region is OUR Region and it belongs to all of us living here.  We can and will give this Region the future, security and sense of pride we all deserve.  A vote for me is a vote to bring us that step closer to achieving this vision of our future.