Down lights have been one of the most popular lighting methods of recent years, in homes and businesses alike.

The most common type of down lights found in the home use halogen lamps, which are known for their excessive heat. This can cause you a few issues.

– The hotter the lamp, the more energy it is using to light your room. As you will often need many of these to properly illuminate a space, this can really stack up on your power bill.

– The excess heat created by these halogen lamps can have a negative effect on the cooling of smaller rooms, increasing the running costs of your air-conditioner.

– There is also a danger that the high temperature of these halogens can cause ceiling insulation to catch fire, if improperly installed.

The solution to all three of these problems? Replace those halogens with new LEDs.

LED down lights run cool and efficiently, look clean, stylish and are they now more affordable than ever. Making the switch can not only save you money on your next power bill, it’s the safest option for your home or business.