Not a GYM fan… prefer the outdoors? Here is your guide to DIY Fitness in our Region!

For many reasons you may choose to DIY your fitness journey, well luckily enough our region offers so many opportunities to do just that!

With several free outdoor fitness equipment parks throughout our region and some beautiful walking tracks on offer there are no excuses to dust off and pop those old sneakers on and head out the door. There are more ways to get fit and healthy other than just hitting the gym, take a bike ride, head to the pool for a swim, sign up for a sport (there are so many on offer in our region) or head to Lake Awoonga and row around in a canoe for a couple of hours… imagine the guns you could end up with. Turn off the TV, put down that remote, step outside and get some fresh air… your body and mind will thank you!

Check out GN’s ‘no excuses’ DIY fitness guide to Gladstone:

Outdoor Exercise Equipment Parks

Agnes Water / Seventeen Seventy – Heritage Walkway

Boyne Island – Lions Park and Malpas Park

Calliope – Bunting Park

Gladstone – Emmadale Park, Happy Valley Park and Lions Park

Miriam Vale – Tranquillity Walk

Tannum Sands – Garnet Park and Wetlands Park


Gladstone Marina

East Shores

Fitness Trail

Spinnaker Park

Little Creek

Riverstone Rise

Botanical Gardens

Other Exercise

Ride a Bike at the Pumptrack

Swimming at the local pools

Play a sport – there are heaps!

Water sports at Lake Awoonga

Hike Mount Larcom

Beach walks at Tannum Sands Beach