Pets Who Have Made Bad Decisions

Pets Who Have Made Bad Decisions

Our pets can get themselves into some hilarious situations (or sometime we inflict it upon them!). As loving owners what is the first thing we do? Take a picture of course!

The llama that chose the wrong hairdresser:


Image Credit: moleofproduction @ Flickr

This game of fetch didn’t turn out quite as expected for this pooch: 


Image Credit: Reddit

This critter who is regretting his drunken one night stand:

One Night Stand

Image Credit: Imgur

The dog who was just trying to be friendly: 

Dog and Fish

Image Credit: Giphy

The dog that just wanted a refreshing beverage:


Image Credit: Imgur

The dog who got too curious for his own good:

Dog and Turtle

Image Credit: Reddit

This dog who is regretting following the latest hair trend:


Image Credit:

Shhtop laughing at me guysshh: 

dog and bee

Image Credit: Reddit

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