Rebecca Dow busts the pesky tax time myths!

Rebecca Dow

As July 1 rolls around each year, we begin to hear tax chat in our workplaces and households.

To take the stress out of tax time and set the records straight, below are some answers to common tax myths that seem to do the rounds each year:

“I can’t get my tax done, I’ve lost my group certificate”


If you’ve misplaced your payment summary, you can still have your tax completed by an accountant or registered tax agent.

Their online systems can usually track down your payment summary for you, saving you time and effort!

“I purchased some work clothes this year, but I didn’t keep my receipt, so I can’t claim them”


Even if you don’t have a receipt for an item, make sure you let your accountant know! Did you know you can claim up to a certain amount without receipts for work-related expenses?

“I can’t afford to get my tax done”


If you would like your tax completed but can’t quite afford, simply contact your accountant. At Rebecca Dow Accounting we offer a “deduct fee from refund” option on all tax returns. This ensures clients can have their tax completed without the strain of paying upfront.

“I need to find a sitter for the kids while I get my tax done”


Did you know that we offer a free home visit service? Let the kids play while you have your tax completed. Or simply email through your details and we will process your tax while you’re at work!