Revealed: Perfect Pizza Slice

Two mathematicians, Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley, of the University of Liverpool, UK, have researched different ways to slice up pizza and the result may come as a surprise to you.

The traditional method of slicing pizza in long triangles have been thrown out in favour of more exotic styles. The most favoured being the one pictured above, named ‘monohedral disc tiling’.

Pizza Slices
The monohedral disc tiling method has been found to produce 12 identically shaped slices 6 from the middle and 6 from the crust. This provides 6 eater with 1 slice of crust and 1 of the middle cheezy section. It is also advantageous for people who enjoy the crust and for those who don’t.
What do you think? Is it more hassle than what its worth?
Photo and article sourced from Weird News