Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen

Rick is committed to the Gladstone Region and has a proven record of voting on decisions as an independent with integrity and confidence. He will continue to listen to you to solve problems and to get the best results for all.

Rick has been in Council for 10 years and makes decisions based on:

  • constituent’s views
  • experience and knowledge of the region (he has lived here for 38 years)
  • understanding the areas of aged care, sport and industry as he has been involved in these sectors extensively
  • skills and expertise acquired serving this region.

Rick believes more work needs to be done in the following areas:

Infrastructure – Maintaining adequate infrastructure for increasing population

Aged Care – Adequate health care and keeping our retirees living in the region with their families

Council Efficiencies – while Council has improved their efficiencies there is still much to be done

Improve Advocacy Role – Council needs to be a stronger dedicated “Community Leader”

Small and Medium Business Development – this group can sustain and help balance and maintain the region’s workforce

Regional Sporting Facilities – a huge need for regional level facilities

Above all Rick is dedicated to the people and ensuring that the Gladstone Region remains economically strong and culturally vibrant.