SHOP TO WIN @ Attune Hearing Gladstone

Alan Fort is Attune Hearing Gladstone’s dedicated 5 day a week Hearing Clinician and is proud of the name he has made for himself as a trusted professional in his field here in the Gladstone and surrounding region. 

“Learning you have a hearing loss, is quite hard to accept and my clients know that I will work with them to support their hearing journey,” Mr Fort said. “Before they come to me, they think it’s a matter of just popping the device on your ear and off you go, they can get the hearing device anywhere. Those people end up putting them in their draw. I work closely with my clients to break down the stigma and assist my clients to get the best out of their hearing device with ongoing, at times weekly, support for them to adapt.” 

Attune Hearing is a truly independent audiology provider caring for Queenslanders since 1986. “I see daily the struggles that a person deals with as their hearing slips away silently without them sometimes even being aware,” Mr Fort continued. “The most underestimated part is the affect hearing loss has on a person’s cognition and the link to dementia. I often hear people say, “I know I am deaf, what does it matter?” I know it does matter and the earlier you see me the better.” 

Today a hearing device looks the same as a Bluetooth device, and virtually unnoticeable. Keeping it in the family Attunes Practice Manager is Lynne Fort, Alan’s wife. Visit Attune Hearing during the Gladstone News Shop to Win promotion to find out how well you hear. All purchases made in store can put you in the draw to win $10, 000! Call Attune on 07 4851 1300 or visit their office at 3/175 Goondoon St, Gladstone Central QLD 4680.