Signage Important in Emergency Response

When there is an emergency, every second counts. Gladstone Regional Council is encouraging the regions rural residents to take advantage of free reflective address signs. Many of the existing reflective rural road address signs around the region are in various states of disrepair and are proving difficult for emergency services respondents to read.  

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said a well-maintained address sign could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. “When responding to an emergency it is vitally important that emergency services respondents can easily identify a property,” Councillor Burnett said. “Having a reflective address sign, in good condition, at the front of rural properties is a key element in ensuring that unnecessary delays are avoided, and those in need of emergency aid can be reached as quickly as possible.” 

Cr Burnett said that Council provides reflective road address signs free of charge for new applicants as well as replacement signs for those whose existing signs have deteriorated. “Under its Urban and Rural Road Addressing policy, Council will provide the new and replacement numbers to rural residents, but residents must supply their own star picket for it to be attached to,” he said. 

“Rural numbers are to be displayed on a star picket driven into the ground adjacent to the main property driveway, turnout or access point on to the road, in a position which does not obstruct services or traffic. “All rural properties with a dwelling are issued with a rural address from Council upon request and to new sites as they are developed. “Council will also issue rural addresses to appropriate sites without a dwelling upon request, provided they have an established driveway or entrance.”