Sometimes, council fees go down.

The Gladstone Regional Council proved yesterday that when tariffs for government services change, they don’t always go up.


Council’s 7 November meeting voted to reduce credit card fees on ticket purchases from the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre from 3.3 percent to 0.6 percent in line with recent changes to legislation, stating that credit card fees must reflect the actual extra costs incurred by the retailer in processing a credit card payment.

For the GECC these are estimated at only 0.6 percent, so from now on this is all you will be charged, on top of the ticket price.

Council will also streamline the process of applying for a permit to run a temporary food stall effective from 1 December, implementing an annual “application and annual approval for temporary food licence fee” of $200 per financial year. This will reduce the need for food stall owners to re-apply per event. From 1 December you will also be able to apply for your permit online via council’s website.