Tips to look Swell at Sea

Last week we welcomed another cruise ship – the passengers and crew of the P&O Pacific Eden.

For locals and travellers alike, make sure you take to the high seas relaxed and prepared with our Gladstone News tips to looking swell at sea:

  1. The nautical-but-nice look is downright daggy so forget the stripey jerseys, Love Boat inspired Captain’s hats and earrings shaped like anchors, they’ll mark you out as a novice sailor.
  2. A light tote with an internal zipper pocket is super handy, to carry what you need on sea days (book, spectacles, tissues, sunglasses and a squashy hat) so you don’t need to keep returning to your cabin.
  3. Footwear must be sturdy and, for ladies, relatively flat; you never know when an ocean-going ship might suddenly rock and roll.
  4. No matter the season, take a wrap or cashmere jumper as air-conditioning can be chilly
  5. Study the list of shore excursions and bring special items you might need – modest clothing could be needed for visit a religious monument for instance, or non-slip shoes for climbing.
  6. Liners have laundries for passenger use so it means packing light should be a breeze! All liners have medical centres and gift boutiques selling daily needs too so no need to carry a pharmacy in your cosmetics bag
  7. The swipe cards issued for cabin access and cash-free onboard purchases are easily lost so buy a lanyard for your card in the gift shop.
  8. You may not be a fan of formal wear but dressing up one night is always fun. Gents should pack one good jacket and ladies at least a strand of pearls, evening bag and a jazzy shawl.