80 Students from Toolooa State High forge their way as the new Junior Leaders!

Toolooa High

Toolooa High

Recently, more than 80 Toolooa State High School students from across years 7, 8 and 9 put their best persuasive skills to use and submitted an application outlining why they should be elected as a Junior Leader for 2017.

Ashton Shonhan, Teacher at TSHS and Junior Leadership co-ordinator was happily surprised by the volume of strong applications. “Interviewing potential leaders filled both first and second breaks of each day for more than a week. But, I won’t complain. Listening to students describe their personal leadership journey and aspirations for the future of our school community was definitely a rewarding task. The number of successful applicants clearly highlights the incredibly high standard of applications we received, the dedicated engagement during interviews and the overall view of leadership across our school community”.

At Toolooa State High School, there is a strong belief in a curriculum which prepares students for the challenging world of the twenty-first century needs to ensure that students are supported to take increasing responsibility for their own learning, personal and social wellbeing, relationships with others and their role in the local, national and global community.

Ashton strongly believes that students are more likely to develop a strong commitment to the school community and its future if they can take part in determining its direction. “Participation in decision making at a school level is a means through which students are able to develop responsibility and experience the democratic process”.Toolooa State High

“Leadership roles assist students to actively participate in the life and function of our school and its place in our community. This year at Toolooa, our Junior Secondary leaders are developing and leading group projects across the areas of environment and sustainability, community service and social support. We spend much of our time investigating ways to raise funds for worthy causes, participating in community events and developing our leadership skills”.

Year 9 students, Sophia Ross and Quinn Brennan have both played a significant part in the junior secondary leadership team over the past three years. “Leadership roles have provided us with the opportunity to develop our personal leadership skills and be involved with the development and success of Toolooa State High”. As school leaders, we listen to student perspectives and investigate the best ways to make improvements to our school”. The girls strongly recommend the leadership program for building teamwork skills and preparing them for the responsibilities that will come with senior schooling. Sophia and Quinn thoroughly enjoy representing their school. “Two years ago we represented Toolooa by assisting a local primary school with their under 8’s day activities. Although it was a busy day, it was very rewarding to see that younger students looked up to us. That we were role models”. When asked about their favourite activity from that day, Sophia quickly recalls the amount of fairy bread they ate!

Congratulations to the newly appointed TSHS Junior Secondary Leaders for 2017.

Article written by Ashton Shonhan, Sophia Ross and Quinn Brennan

Toolooa High