My Week at Gladstone News

Work Experience

I bet whilst sitting reading the magazine you find yourself wondering from time to time, what it would be like to work at Gladstone News. After my weeks internship at the paper I can assure all of you curious readers that it is absolutely awesome! At the beginning of the week, I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about venturing out of my safe and sheltered life as a student into the big wide world of Gladstone journalism. But after being introduced to all of the lovely ladies here at the magazine my nerves calmed and enthusiasm spiked! Expecting to come into this week of work experience filing cabinets and making coffee, I was delighted to find a desk and computer with my name on it. Karina and the team have taught me all the tricks of the trade and allowed me to write many articles (some of which, you will find in this week’s addition!). Sharing an office with Angie, Yiota and Tatiana has been a blast participating in many jokes and good times whilst always, of course, keeping on task! I would just like to thank the wonderful team of talented women at Gladstone News for my fantastic week and for opening my eyes to what a future in journalism could be.

By Grace Graham