Trauma Teddies get to work

Trauma Teddies get to work

Central State Primary School’s Year Five class learned valuable lessons in love, leadership and generosity presenting the results of their inaugural Trauma Teddies project to emergency services and front-line children’s services workers last week.

The students from Karyn Marxsen and Grant Price’s year five classes were sponsored by five local businesses to create and dress “Trauma Teddies” – plush toys which are given to children who find themselves sick or in an emergency or any other situation where they are “going through a bit of a tough time.”

The idea behind the toys is to distract children from the trauma and worry of a car accident, a house fire, a lost pet or any other stressful emergency, and to enable them to remain calm and comforted.

“And they really do work,” Luke Griffin from the Queensland Fire Service said as he claimed a bear dressed as Batman from student Jaylen Peepall.

“Teddies” is a bit of a misnomer as an entire menagerie of more than sixty plush frogs, lions, cats, bears and even hippos were presented to grateful Police, Fire, Ambulance and Department of Children’s Services staff at a special parade at the school on December 1.

The sponsors of the Trauma Teddies project, Subway, WICET, Orica, National Dental and Tox Free donated the kits to make the toys with the Central Primary School’s P&C matching the donated funds. Representatives from these businesses admired the teddies at the presentation ceremony today.

Central Primary School deputy principal Sarah Jacob congratulated the children on their hard work and said they were learning the true message of Christmas: that it is far better to give than to receive.

Central continues the giving-back theme at their end-of-year Christmas Giving Disco where each attendee will bring along a gift for community members in need.