Federal Member for Flynn, Ken O’Dowd has confirmed that the re-elected Liberal National Government will deliver $1 million in funding to help build an interpretive centre at Town of 1770.  This significant investment supports the Government’s commitment to invest in local infrastructure projects.    

Mr O’Dowd pursued and will deliver the funding to ensure the local community has a significant, long-term centrepiece to mark the birthplace of Queensland, to commemorate the milestone of the 250th anniversary of Lt James Cook’s landing, and to bolster the region’s tourism industry.    

The $1 million in funding will be used to help build a planned Legacy Project, which will incorporate an interpretive centre with three core exhibits – Exploration surrounding the historic landing of the HMB Endeavour in the Town of 1770, Nature and Landscape, and Indigenous Culture.  

“Town of 1770 was the first place Lt James Cook landed in Queensland, and was his second landing spot in Australia, making it an incredibly important location in our nation’s history,” Mr O’Dowd said. “Just as important as his landing is the history and culture of the First Nations people who lived in the area at that time.”   

The interpretive centre will showcase the story of those First Nations people and feature indigenous culture and an art gallery, as well as a yarning circle nearby.  “It will be an iconic place where people from all over the world can come and learn about one of the most significant places and times in our nation’s history and get an understanding of the area’s importance,” Mr O’Dowd added.   

Mr O’Dowd explained that while next year’s three-week festival will be a huge and immediate tourist drawcard for the region, the interpretive centre will be a long-term asset to the community and a point of interest for visitors for years to come. “It will also act as a high-quality focal point for community events and celebrations for years to come,” Mr O’Dowd said.   

Discovery Coast Tourism & Commerce Inc President, Amber Rodgers said the concept plan to create the interpretive centre was developed in February 2018 and the organisation was so pleased that Mr O’Dowd has provided the funding to bring this project to fruition hopefully. “We are so grateful that the federal government has provided funding for our destination,” Ms Rodgers said. 




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