Local means business

Local means business

Office National Gladstone has been in business locally for over 27 years. The business is owned by Rachel and Tony Townsend who purchased it over seven years ago from then long term owners Ed and Marg Morris.

Despite the recent boom, Office National did not employ additional staff, and rather worked harder and smarter.  Rachel said the staff are their biggest asset. Madonna Lewis who takes care of their accounts has over 22 years of experience in her field; Jodi Trood worked at ONG when she was 17 year’s old, and returned after travelling overseas and starting a family – she has been back for over 9 years now. Fiona Williams has been at ONG for over three years, and Wendy Hannan is their newest staff member. Rachel says “Over the years, our staff have acquired the best product knowledge, and have developed great relationships with our customers which is very important.”

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Soon to test her business is Officeworks, which opens in Gladstone this month.

“We have been on Auckland Street in Gladstone for years, and will make sure we monitor our sales to do the best for our customers.”

“Officeworks are part of the Coles Myer group and are able to spend tens of millions on advertising annually. People often perceive Officeworks are more affordable because of how they market themselves. However, here at Office National we price scrape against our four main competitors every week to ensure our prices are competitive. Overall for a basket of goods Office National is usually cheaper.”
Rachel adds “We have extensive product knowledge and sell quality lines.  Sometimes cheap doesn’t stay cheap when you have to keep replacing it.  With ‘Back to School’ periods we explain the quality of our pencils and parents appreciate this as it saves them replacing pencils all through the year. Staff at Office National know an ergonomic chair has three levers and what these levers do, what glue sticks, which post-it notes adhere best, and what items provide best value. “

Last financial year Office National also donated up to $8000 to various schools, sporting clubs and community groups – putting their money back into the community.

“Local means locally owned, not just open for business here.  When you shop from a firm that is either nationally or foreign owned, such as Staples, profits from these businesses aren’t kept in the community.”

Rachel also adds that her and the team offer all of the same perks and more than the big conglomerates. “Our account customers receive U rewards which can be redeem for gift cards or products. Office National is also a member of Lyoness, a worldwide cash back program. Our website is thorough,  we have a smart phone app and our ‘E-cupboard’ is exceptional. ‘E-cupboard’ can save businesses time and money because a stationery order can be completed in minutes, without leaving the office.”
The Office National Gladstone team remain confident that the community will support them through this next phase in Gladstone, and encourage anyone to stop in to see how they can assist with any of their business and stationery needs!

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