Getting closer to the heart of Australia

Getting closer to the heart of Australia

Janie Peterson has been living in Australia for over four years after moving to Gladstone from Germany. Last week she set off on an adventure to getting closer to the heart of Australia spending two days teaching at the Woorabinda State School, an Indigenous community two hours inland from Rockhampton.

screenshot-3Janie said ‘I was not sure what to expect and after the usual chaos that you face as a supply teacher I enjoyed every moment of it. The free spirit of the children, their beautiful, sparkling, brown eyes and the amount of hugs I got within such a short amount of time was just heart warming. I loved the feeling of being in a small community of only 1000 people and learned so much about their lives by talking to the locals – old and young.


While at Woorabinda Janie got to admire the mosaic mural in the town center, which depicts their heart wrenching history connected with the area. Being a creatove at heart made a little land art piece, that she left behind as a symbol of thankfulness for the opportunity that I had to connect to that part of Australia and the people who live there.

Thanks Janie Petersen for sharing the experience and these pictures of her travels.