$9,000 donation to Rescue Service

$9,000 donation to Rescue Service

You may have attended the annual Old Station Fly-in at Raglan this year. It’s a wonderful event that’s really different to many others in town. Flying enthusiasts, kids and grown adults can’t help but love watching all of the action in the air.

Behind the scenes though there is also a very awesome action that takes place. Did you know that the event helps contribute much needed funds to Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS)?

Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The service provides rapid deployment of medical or rescue teams to major accidents or search and rescue operations across central Queensland  – provided free of charge.

The Boyne Island Lions club catered for the huge crowd at the Old Station Fly-in, It’s been an annual project for the club for many years and all proceeds generated are donated back to the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS).

Once again the hard working members and their wonderful partners volunteered to man the BBQ and serve up meals to the public from  6am – 8pm  Saturday  and again from  6am – 3pm Sunday.

In addition to this they were there early on Friday  to assist the Old Station staff with gate admissions and serving of an evening meal for guests.

Whilst numbers were down a little  on Sunday  from last year, there was huge crowd on Saturday  and almost 450 camp sites were booked for the weekend compared with 230 last year.

As a consequence the donation to the CHRS this year will be in the vicinity of $9,000 from the event. The Boyne Island Lions Club will present the donation at a special morning tea to be held at the Old Station later this month.