A Community Transformation at Apartments G60 Gladstone

A Community Transformation at Apartments G60 Gladstone

At the core of our community, a remarkable transformation has unfolded, infusing fresh vitality into what was once a serviced apartment complex at Apartments G60 Gladstone.

This ambitious project has yielded thirty three two-bedroom units and one three-bedroom residence, now serving as essential social housing units for those in need. 

With tenants already beginning to move in, this project reflects a significant stride in housing development within the diverse landscapes of Queensland, made possible through substantial support from the Albernese Federal Government’s Social Housing Accelerator, boasting an impressive $398 million.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has weighed in on this recent initiative, sharing his perspective.

“Every Australian deserves the security of a roof over their head, our $2 billion Social Housing Accelerator is real dollars, driving real change and building more homes across the nation.” said Mr Albanese.

Glenn Butcher, who is the Member for Gladstone has also shared his thoughts on the project.

“This complex in Gladstone Central is right in the heart of town and will provide 34 safe, secure and sustainable homes for people in our community who need it,” said Mr Butcher.

“Our community isn’t immune to the pressures we are seeing in housing nationally, but these homes are well placed with access to local services, parks and public transport,”

“This complex will provide help for the most vulnerable in our community, complete with modern kitchens and amenities.” said Mr Butcher.

To learn and find out more about the available services and support, visit https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/get-help-with-housing?fbclid=IwAR0yw93XfKYnW_UnaSi-52QEi8d2TM-niumNknkzUTMbnAnJB20fZpf8v7M 

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