Airservices Australia’s Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) has welcomed Gladstone local Jade Sutherland this week as she returns home to officially start as a Trainee Fire Fighter (TFF) at the Gladstone station. 

Acting Gladstone Operations Manager, Barrie Jenkins said this was an exciting time for both Jade and the rest of the Gladstone crew.Jade is returning home following 15 weeks of intensive training at Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) state-of-the-art fire training ground in Melbourne,” Mr Jenkins said.  

In training, Jade has completed theoretical and practical training including fighting simulated aircraft and structural fires, aviation rescue techniques and dealing with the hazards of highly flammable aviation fuels. 

“This training has helped prepare her to begin working at the station, but there is still much to learn,” Mr Jenkins explained. “As Jade joins our crews and learns about our airport, she will continue to gain the valuable experience and training that make our firefighters ready to respond to any incident on or around the airport within a matter of minutes.” 

Jade was one of twenty-four highly-trained recruits who have now officially joined a service of more than 800 elite ARFFS firefighters.