Aldoga Solar Farm Energises Central Queensland’s Hydrogen Future

Aldoga Solar Farm Energises Central Queensland’s Hydrogen Future

Publicly owned energy company Stanwell Corporation has signed a 15 year, 380 Megawatt Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ACCIONA Energia to purchase 100 per cent of the output from its planned Aldoga Solar Farm, 20 km northwest of Gladstone.

The Aldoga Solar Farm is strategically situated within the Gladstone State Development Area (SDA), which was established by the Coordinator General, and on land developed by the Queensland Government’s Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

This innovative solar farm stands as a significant milestone in the Queensland Government’s commitment to renewable energy targets, playing a pivotal role in harnessing clean and sustainable power sources to achieve the region’s renewable energy goals. This development exemplifies Queensland’s dedication to fostering clean energy initiatives, as the Aldoga Solar Farm is just one facet of Queensland’s growing network of clean energy hubs. These burgeoning hubs, located within our SDAs, have been crafted to provide an optimal environment for businesses to establish and flourish within the realm of clean energy. 

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement Mick De Brenni, has shared his thoughts about the initiative.

“In Central Queensland our CQ-H2 project is one step closer to unlocking the great potential of Queensland’s renewable energy resources. As Queensland’s in fact, Australia’s largest renewable hydrogen project progressed to this stage, CQ-H2 will deliver Queensland made green hydrogen to Japan, Singapore and consumers across Australia.” said Mr De Brenni.

The CQ-H2 Project involves the development of a Hydrogen Production Facility at Aldoga, near Gladstone, the development of a Hydrogen Transfer Facility (pipeline), the supply of hydrogen to an ammonia production facility, and the development of a Hydrogen Liquefaction Facility and ship loading facilities at Gladstone Port. 

The CQ-H2 project aims to deliver renewable hydrogen via its different carriers, to Japan and Singapore, as well as supplying large domestic customers in Central Queensland. Commercial operations are planned to commence in 2028. 

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