Alex Clark Named In QLD Country Team

Alex Clark Named In QLD Country Team

Local footy player Alex Clark has recently been named in the Queensland Country Heelers Team.

The team is chosen from players all over Queensland, firstly Alex represented Capricornia which is a team made up of players from the local competition. From there Alex was chosen to represent Central Queensland seeing him travel to Townsville for the state wide competition, where he was selected for the Queensland Country Team.

The squad was announced two weeks ago and Alex was stoked when he found out that he was named.

“I’ve played footy since I was 7 years old, so this is my 20th year playing footy and this is my biggest achievement in the game.

“I was absolutely wrapped when I found out, absolutely stoked to be able to finally get somewhere with footy.

I was very very happy.” Alex said.

When asked if he put in any extra training sessions over the last year Alex said, “I knew it was going up early in the session, so I was attending a lot of extra training sessions. Apart from normal rugby training I’ve been in the gym most of the time, looking forward to the moment when I would walk into this competition.”

Gladstone residents look forward to seeing Alex on the field when he plays for the Queensland Country Team, with the date yet to be confirmed.