Steve from Ambition Training is keeping our workers safe!

Ambition Training

Steve from Ambition Training is keeping our workers safe!

Ambition Training

The director of Ambition Training created his own business to become the leader in Registered Training Organisations in Gladstone – delivering training remotely to his clientele.

“My goal is to ensure people are going home to have tea with their families,” he said.

Refresher courses are also available through Ambition Training, making them locally based industry leaders. The objective of distinguished training and up-skilling, Steve says, is to not only perform tasks safely, but also to identify risks – remove them and to ensure colleagues are also implementing safe practice.

“It’s a commitment to safety for the entire workforce,” he says.

“Which is why I provide training to work forces too. In these industries, there’s no room for weak links.”

What further sets Ambition Training apart is an exceptional standard delivered with flexibility. “Often, these qualifications are needed at short notice, often immediately,” he said. “At Ambition Training, someone can call me up at lunchtime and have the qualification by that afternoon.”

Ambition Training delivers mobile training, reduce overhead costs and passing on these saving to his customers. Bringing the equipment to the workplace or the customers removes hassles and allows Ambition Training to give practical examples relevant to the client.

“I find that it’s just so much more convenient for the trainees,” he said. “There are instances though when I can secure facilities if needed, it’s just really working around what suits you.”

For the month of March, Ambition Training is delivering qualifications for Confined Spaces – RIIWHS202D and Work Safely at Heights – RIIWHS204D at a combined discounted rate of $289. Normally $169 each but, simply book in March for the course dates that suit you and we’ll apply the discount!

It’s a small price to pay for quality, and the difference in quality can mean a lot when you work in industry.

Ambition Training specialises in the following courses:

Work Safety at Heights (RIIWH204D)
Enter and work in Confined Spaces (RIIWHS202D)
Provide First Aid (HLTAID003)
Perform rescue from a live LV panel (UETTDRRFO6B)
Gas Test Atmospheres (MSAPMOHS217A)
Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID002)
Provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001)

Ambition Training