ART Matters To Host Twilight Markets This May

ART Matters To Host Twilight Markets This May

The team at ART Matters are hosting a Twilight Market on May 7th, featuring musicians, a silent auction, raffles, market stalls, and plenty of delicious local food.

Jenny Hansen, the President of ART Matters says that she wants the event to be about community, more than anything.

“We really want to stress how much we care about the community, and that we want to be involved with people,” Jenny said.

The markets will run in the outdoor space of ART Matters, and will include a range of work for sale from local artists in a range of mediums. There will be a variety of market stalls open from 2pm until 8pm, offering plenty of artistic and homemade goodies.

“We will have all of our plants on display, and plenty of lights and marquees. There will be a range of local food stalls including Hughesey’s Que with his amazing barbeque, and La Familia, who have promised to make their famous brownies.”

The event will be inclusive of the whole community, and anyone is welcome to attend over the course of the evening.

“We really love to be involved in the community, and have people feel as though this is a place that they’re welcome. All of us here at ART Matters are so passionate about what we do, and we’re definitely going to host more events like this in the coming months.

“We’re hoping to host a Twilight Market every three months, and we’re looking at having a nine-day art event in September called ‘The Carnivale Of Art’ which we started last year and would like to do on a yearly basis. This event will bring exciting new artists together from all over the Central Queensland Region to offer amazing, diverse workshops to Gladstone.”

The Twilight Markets event will run from 2pm until 8pm, with plenty of parking available. All community members are welcome to come and view the stunning art on offer, or even to simply come and enjoy the music and some dinner.

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring an event like the Twilight Markets, feel free to reach out to Jenny Hansen over their Facebook page @artmatters.