Auckland House To Donate Keg For ‘Frocktober’

Auckland House To Donate Keg For ‘Frocktober’

On Friday October 7, Auckland House will donate a karma keg to Marilyn Steel to help her fundraiser for Frocktober.

Starting from 4pm, locals will be encouraged to ‘name their price’ for a schooner of Auckland House’s specialty brew ‘Frocktobeer’ to help raise money for ovarian cancer. Marilyn Steel approached the Auckland House team for support on her fundraising ‘Frocktober’ mission.

Marilyn’s mother, Maureen, was 76 years old when she was lost to ovarian cancer, and was diagnosed late like so many other women. After being masked by other health issues and specialist appointments that failed to detect anything, Maureen’s GP cracked the code, and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Despite surgeries and attempts to save her life, Maureen passed away three years after her initial diagnosis.

In her ‘Frocktober’ statement, Marilyn said that she wants to encourage more awareness and research into the disease, to give other women a better chance at surviving than her mum did. This will be Marilyn’s fifth year participating in Frocktober, to continue to honour her mother and other women who have suffered from ovarian cancer.

Anyone can get involved in the ‘Frocktober’ event being held at Auckland House, which will run from 4pm on October 7. Schooners of the specialty beer will be up for purchase, just pick your price, and every cent will be donated to this wonderful cause!


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