Autumn Gardening

Autumn Gardening

Now that the sting of the sun is beginning to lessen and with the current influx of rain, there’s never been a better time to get back into the garden.

Autumn is the perfect time to sow some new seeds as the soil is still warm enough for plants to establish and grow before the beginning of winter.


Try planting salad favourites like lettuces, carrots and tomatoes, as well as vegetables suitable for baking like onions and turnips. Silverbeet, broccoli and cabbage are all known for being hardy, so less-confident gardeners may want to start with them.


Try planting basil, parsley, and coriander. Also oregano, mint, dill, and chives. For advice on herbs that will survive into the summer, speak to the staff at your local nursery.


Try planting Brisbane’s floral emblem, Poinsettia, as well as Gardenias, which deliver fragrant white flowers, and Fuchsias, which develop wonderfully colourful petals.


Try planting Callistemon, which produce the classic Australian bottlebrush in stunning red and pink. And Lilly-Pilly varieties, which develop a pink and purple fruit – a warning though, if not maintained, these plants can grow up to 30 metres high!


Try planting the eucalyptus Summer Red, which boasts stunning red blossoms, as well as the eucalyptus Summer Beauty, which shines with beautiful pink flowers. Other great trees include the popular Poinciana and the smaller Tuckeroo.