Autumn home styling

Autumn home styling

While our seasons in Queensland aren’t quite as pronounced as those down south, the Sunshine State still welcomes autumn each year.

Offering a refreshing change in temperature and humidity with the arrival of cooler mornings and evenings, autumn is the perfect time to freshen up your home decor. Here are a few quick and easy autumn home design tips you can implement before the change of season.

1. Timber neutrals and autumn browns

One of the best ways to incorporate the best of autumn and eventually winter into your home design is to find ways to use timber. Being a natural material, Timber reduces stress and gives a feeling of calm and relaxation. Regulating humidity, timber can help people with respiratory problems.

2. Warm textures and palettes

Temporary wallpapers, throws, cushions, furniture coverings, artwork and decorations can all play their part in warming your surroundings, making your home a cosy environment. This is the easiest part of preparing your home for autumn, as these are items that can go in storage during the warmer months.

3. Create a garden for winter

With the harsh Central Queensland sun, gardening during the warmer months can be incredibly difficult for both you and your plants. Your autumn home designs can help combat this, use both indoor plants and earthy colours (greens, browns, sienna etc.) to bring your garden into the house

4. Change the lighting

The colour temperature of the lights in your home is incredibly important. Warm-hued lights with more red colour tones create a rich and cosy atmosphere, whereas white lights with more blue tones create a cooler atmosphere that mimics a sunny day. To fit with the season, consider adding warm cosier light sources.