Beauty in Progress – Do Not Disturb

Beauty in Progress – Do Not Disturb

Pandemonium: an exhibition by local artist Andreia Pereira presents a hidden place of deformities, misfits, and scars.

In her collection of abject art, attractive and repellent at same time, there is a sense of beauty, sensuality and disgust. Embracing the disturbing, the Artist embarks on her first solo exhibition in Gladstone, having arrived in the region 4 years ago.

“I feel energetic, terrified, excited, some kind of a positive pressure. I’m enjoying the dynamics that an exhibition requires, generating new ideas, and being able to discuss them, research and experiment.” Says Ms Pereira

Having studied Fine Art in Portugal, she draws on her experiences in sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing for her exhibition at Photopia Studio in late June.

The exhibition is part of the Curated at Crow program, funded by RADF, and aims to present emerging artists and create new audience opportunities, that embrace the unique character of the Gladstone Region.

“Grants offers to an artist not just financial support but emotional motivation, confidence and a position of respect as culture maker.” Coordinated by emerging curator, Felicia Lloyd, this Regional partnership between Crow Street Creative and Photopia Studio , offers “freedom to create …. if you work with the right people that understand the struggle and passion of being a creative.”

Visitors can meet the artist at the FREE opening night event on Thurs 28 June from 6pm or during special up late opening hours at Crow Street Creative events Crow Street Food & Music Fest Sat 30 June from 6-9pm and Friday Night at Crow Street on Fri 13 July from 6-9pm.

Andreiea will be providing an interactive art experience in the FREE art workshop space under the stars at Friday Night at Crow Street on Fri 13 July from 6-9pm.

Exhibition continues 22 June – 13 July Mon – Thur 9.30am – 3pm

Photopia Studio gallery, is located at Shed 5 Crow Street Creative. 8 Crow Street email: