Benaraby is the new home to Australia’s next ‘Big’ thing!

Benaraby is the new home to Australia’s next ‘Big’ thing!

Earlier this month while visiting “The Big Orange” in Gayndah, Mayor Matt Burnett teased that the Gladstone region will be joining the 150 towns in Australia with ‘Big’ tourist attractions.

“Meeting with our neighbours in the North Burnett today, we couldn’t go through Gayndah without stopping at the Big Orange. Wait till you see what BIG thing is being built in Benaraby!” he said.

Rest assured, the structure has been built as a part of a private business development and has not come out of the pockets of rate payers.

There’s been a lot of speculation around what the structure will be, some people joking that Gladstone already has a “big” thing in the LNG flame, others saying they just hoped it wasn’t something like the “space junk” at the airport.

Well, wait no more Gladstone because it’s being installed today.

Located at the new Caltex Service Station in Benaraby, the next “BIG” thing is – HANDS.

big thing

The attraction has already been affectionately referred to as “The Big Dirty Hands” due to their brown, unpainted nature.

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