Blue Mirror Exhibition

Blue Mirror Exhibition

Three local artists have celebrated the launch of their work at local gallery and specialty coffee house, The Blue Mirror.

Christine Holden and Geoff and Roslyn Head tell me that they had not created their work with the intention of coordinating, though I’m not entirely sure I believe them. In the gallery space of The Blue Mirror, Geoff and Roslyn’s vibrant pieces hang on the walls, and Christine’s netted and woven pieces pop up through the rooms like pillars. Despite the completely different styles and mediums, there is a cohesive manner to the room that even the artists can’t deny. While the mediums and creative processes couldn’t be any more different, each piece compliments the others wonderfully.

Roslyn’s sentimental teapots and benchtops hold hints of the bold colours that dominate Geoff’s work, inspired by scenes from her home environment that act as a representation of her interest in like forms.

Geoff’s work holds traces of the shapes that Christine has woven into her own pieces, and contain strong architectural forms in painting and prints, inspired by local landmarks and travels.

There is certainly an organised chaos to be witnessed, and I’m sure Christine enhances that feeling with her presence, and the experimental nature of her artworks- sculptural structures crafted out of recycled materials that bathe in the lights of the gallery.

“The reason we make art is because we have to. I’m already thinking about what I’m making now, and what my next project is going to be,” Christine tells me.

The perfectly-decorated space is packed with people adorned in bright outfits; filled with chatter, the smell of champagne, and the exhibition’s three Martin Hansen award-winning artists continuing to tentatively soak up the spotlight.

I’m certain that Helen Holden, The Blue Mirror’s proud owner, has not stopped smiling all night.

“We are just so happy with how many people have come tonight. It really means so much to us,” says Helen.

The people sitting at the incredibly tasteful vintage tables and lounges are clearly captivated by the energy of the space. The evening and the crowd have enhanced the already cosy and captivating atmosphere of The Blue Mirror.

Helen and her husband, John, continue to thank the crowd- who look on in adoration- for their unbroken support and love for their gallery, and the delightful people of their family who keep the Blue Mirror living and breathing.

The Blue Mirror, in the heart of Auckland Street, will be launching several new exhibitions in the coming months, so stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram pages for any updates on exciting new projects or events they will be hosting, including the May exhibition: ‘A Touch of Colour’ from the CQ Contemporary Artists group, and their in-house ‘Fake’ exhibition coming up in July and August. Christine Holden’s artwork can be found on Instagram at The Blue Mirror’s specialty coffee house and gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday each week, from 7am until 12pm.