Boaties urged to play it safe at Lake Awoonga

Boaties urged to play it safe at Lake Awoonga

Lake Awoonga boaties are being urged to play it safe with falling dam water levels and the risk of submerged hazards.

A large, submerged hazard, about 10 – 15 metres long, was found in the bay located between Ironbark Gully and the main boat ramp, in August.

The area has been marked with a buoy line, and Gladstone Area Water Board has restricted access to the bay for all recreational users.

“We’re asking all watercraft users to exercise caution when navigating this area,” GAWB Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow said.

“With dam capacity now at 51 per cent, debris and other natural hazards are becoming exposed in the shallow areas near the water’s edge.

“We want boaties and other recreational users to enjoy their time on the water, but it’s very important to stay safe, remain aware of your surroundings, and follow the directions of all onsite signage and floating barriers.

“It’s important to remember that Lake Awoonga, just like any dam or weir, contains submerged hazards, which can be exposed at different water levels.”

GAWB will continue to monitor conditions as water levels fall.

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of our visitors to Lake Awoonga,” Mr Barlow said.

“We actively monitor the presence of submerged hazards at the lake and will continue to do so.”

To report submerged hazards call GAWB’s Grounds & Catchment Team on 0419 661 482.