Braking the Cycle: Get Involved

Braking the Cycle: Get Involved

PCYC Queensland started their ‘Braking the Cycle’ initiative 11 years ago, and have been helping young people in the Gladstone Region for 7 years.


Lauren Coles, PCYC Gladstone’s Braking the Cycle co-ordinator said that the program strives to help young people in Gladstone obtain their license in a safe, supportive environment. 

“The program supports young people experiencing financial or social challenges to complete their mandatory 100 hours of supervised driving to obtain their P’s. This is done in a safe environment, with safe cars, and most importantly with volunteer mentors to supervise the drives. It opens up so many doors when young people have their licenses: there’s more studying and job opportunities can be the biggest hurdle to surpass when you don’t have one! This program truly breaks the cycle of disadvantage for young people,” said Ms. Coles. 

“We are eagerly looking to grow our fantastic volunteer team so we can help as many young people as possible. Our participant waitlist grows every day with young people in our community needing our help. Just volunteering as a mentor for as little as 1.5 hours a week is all it takes to be part of changing a life! All you need is an open licence and to have, or be able to obtain, a Blue Card. We can help with the rest.”

PCYC Queensland’s ‘Braking the Cycle program currently has a team of over 700 volunteer driver mentors across the state to help young people learn to drive. 

“Even if you might not be able to participate, help spread the word and raise awareness of the PCYC Braking the Cycle program. Maybe you know someone who can help.”


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