Building confidence & friendships

Building confidence & friendships

web 1Runway Modelling is not just a walk in the park as our local models discover in their Bootcamp held over the weekend. Models have been preparing for an upcoming fashion show “CURATED” at Crow St and were put through some drills. Balancing books on their heads, perfecting their posture, one foot in front of the other and strutting their stuff to weird music. It was nice to watch friendships unfold and some the girls really came out of their shells.

If you mention walking like a model and a $100 bill in the same sentence you will get some chuckles from the models that attended the bootcamp.

web 2Modelled by: Shania Pearce of Runway 7 Model & Talent Agency

Styled & Photographed by: Carla Jayne Smith

Shania wears

Little Lies stripe tee $39.95

Emily & Fin Billie shorts $104

Stella Rose skinny belt $29.95

Cooper St Tassle Bag $149.99

Le Spec sunnies Runaways $69.95

Sutoria leather ankle boots $265