Buy From a Bush Business

Buy From a Bush Business

‘Buy From a Bush Business’ is an online Facebook group that is connecting small business owners and producers from regional areas with buyers from all over Australia. Local artist Tanya Kalantary is one business owner who has seen a lot of success from the page.

“I have gained hundreds of new followers on my Facebook page, which all add up to potential customers, plus I have increased my sales by making posts on the page”. Tanya said.

Being a Gladstone local for 14 years Tanya was born and raised just down the road in Bundaberg. She started her business whilst working full time as a teacher thinking it would just be a side hustle. Over the last two years, however, it has grown into becoming her full-time job. Although the business has only been up and running for two years Tanya said;

“In reality, art has been my whole life”.

Tanya currently focuses on creating acrylic paintings on canvas, centred mostly around the theme of native Australian flora and fauna with a strong emphasis on the use of colour, pattern, and textures. In order to gain more exposure, she decided to start posting her work on the ‘Buy From a Bush Business’ Facebook page.

“I saw it as such a great opportunity to reach a large audience who were wanting to support rural and regional businesses. Without groups like this, I probably wouldn’t have a very strong business. Living in regional QLD it is much harder to gain exposure outside your immediate surrounds, so all these groups are great, as not only do they reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers across Australia, but just the feedback I receive in the comments is really reassuring and people really admire and appreciate my work”.

For more information and to purchase some of Tanya’s amazing work head to her website and to support more small businesses’ in regional areas go to the ‘Buy From a Bush Business Facebook page.