Buying Australian Made

Buying Australian Made

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the Australian economy is under significant stress. Therefore, it has never been more important to buy Australian made products and use local Australian services.

For consumers to buy Australian made products, it increases the benefits for our communities and strengthens our national interest.

A recent survey conducted by Roy Morgan showed that approximately 9 in 10 people aged over 14 years preference buying Australian made when given the change. So what is that makes locally made so much more than just the warm feeling of buying in close proximity? Here are our top reasons why an Australian made product is the most important product to buy.

Supporting communities and regional progress

One of the best things we can do to contribute to our economic development and prosperity in Australia is buying local/Australian-made products. Buying Australian-made supports the economy, local business and secures jobs.

Quality of product and Traceability

Australia has one of the highest safety and quality standards in the world! When you buy Australian-made you know that you are investing in something that is made to last, you also get a level of traceability for the components, packaging and delivery that many overseas made items keep hidden from view.

Fair treatment of workers

Fair treatment of workers, workplace conditions and safety of workers is of the uttermost priority to Australians. This fosters better rights for the workforce and ethical protections that empower no only the people but also the products they produce.