Callide Manufacturing Company CMC Gay Fraser 2022 Cup A Huge Success!

Callide Manufacturing Company CMC Gay Fraser 2022 Cup A Huge Success!

The massive weekend of Netball featured teams from all around the Central Queensland Region, with a whopping 83 teams playing 198 games.

Well done to all the teams who attended, and congratulations to the below winners!


Results from the Gay Fraser CMC 2022 Carnival:


10U Pool A Winner – CCDNA Firestar’s

10U Pool A Runners Up – Runaways Ruby

10U Pool B Winner – Frenchville Butterflies

10U Pool B Runners Up – BGC Black

10U Best & Fairest – Collette Bose, Blackwater Tigers

12U Pool A Winner – CCDNA Blue Dolphins

12U Runner Up – Yaralla Owls

12U Pool B Winner – Valley Jades

12 U Runner Up – Yaralla Finches

12 U Pool C Winner – Gracemere Leopards

12U Runner Up – Frenchville Dingoes

12U Best & Fairest – Hayley Kirk, Valley Jades

14U Pool A Winners – Frenchville Cobras

14U Runners up – Valleys Rubies

14U Pool B Winners – Valley Zircons

Runners Up – Yaralla Peewees

14U Pool C Winners – Valleys Garnets

Runners Up – Yaralla Rosellas

14U Best & Fairest – Amelia-Braybrooks-Shanks, Gracemere Cubs

14U MIXED winners – Can’t Touch This

Runners up – Biloela Dominators

14U Mixed B&F – 3 way tie- Tacoah Curtis, Bilo Dominators, Jazz Valance, Electrics, Lucia Glasgow from Nice’N’Spicy

16U Pool A – Frenchville Sloths

Runners Up – CCDNA Super Nova

16U Pool B – Biloela Storm

Runners Up – CCDNA Blitz

16U B&F – Tamika Robinson, Biloela Fusion, and Carol D’sa CCDNA Blitz

Open Ladies Pool A – Biloela Cockatoos

Runners Up – Valley Satellites

Open Ladies Pool B – Runaway Allsorts

Runners Up – Goal Diggers

Best & Fairest – Serena Sairiman, Gracemere Panthers

Open Mixed Pool A – Monto No Name All Game

Runners Up – Bilo Phoenix

Open Mixed Pool B – Bilo Aftershock

Runners Up- Monto Dynamite

Open Mixed B&F – Ethan O’Sullivan, Monto Clueless and Sam Conway, Biloela Doves


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