Calliope High Holds First Cross Country

Calliope High Holds First Cross Country

On Tuesday last week, Calliope State High School held it’s first-ever cross country!

The race was held at the school, with the schoolhouse the ‘Awonga Red Claws’ taking home the trophy at this year’s event.

Deputy Principal James Morely said,

“Being a new school this is the first cross country we’ve ever had, we cooked a pancake breakfast for the students and it was the first time that our students got to experience what it was like to be part of their houses and a competition like an environment. ”

“It was really good to see the students demonstrate pride in their houses,”

Due to COVID restrictions, the cross country looked very different from your standard event, being pushed back by a term. The event was originally scheduled for the final week of term one, however, the term was cut short and turned into a student-free week.

Parents were not allowed to attend the event so the school flew a drone over the race to ensure that no one missed out on the action!

“We had hygiene stations all around the course, we encouraged the students to abide by social distancing while participating in the event, and if you have a look at the drone footage they did a good job of it.” James continued.

“This sort of physical activity is really important for kids. In the build-up to this event, our P.E teacher Ms Jade organised a running club to get the kids prepared for. There was a big change in the attitude of the students when they came back from the running club and when they finished cross country. It gave them a great opportunity to get rid of their energy.”