Capturing Unfiltered Beauty: Leanne Johnston’s Inspiring Journey Through the Lens

Capturing Unfiltered Beauty: Leanne Johnston’s Inspiring Journey Through the Lens

Leanne Johnston, the visionary owner and founder of Unfiltered Beauty Photography, has a captivating tale to tell a story that unfolds against the backdrop of her remarkable journey into the world of visual artistry.

“From what first started off as a hobby soon developed into something a little bit more for me,” said Leanne.

“I am a breast cancer survivor and one of my friends who happened to be a photographer came over one day to take my photograph. I remember feeling so powerful in that moment whilst I was undergoing treatment and began to feel hopeful that I could overcome such a horrible sickness,”

“I started Unfiltered Beauty Photography because I wanted to empower other women who may be going through the same journey as I did. I don’t necessarily edit my photos as I like to capture the raw essence of natural beauty in women,” explained Leanne.

“We are hosting a ladies’ day event on the 28th of October at the Cedar’s Art Gallery. It’s great to be able to provide this service for cancer patients and I am really proud to partner with April from All things beauty and am very grateful to Priceline Pharmacy for their lovely donation of makeup products. I would like to say a special thank you to Melissa Holzhiemer who is a Resilience Coach as she was kind enough to donate a few dresses for the event too, ”

“My own journey and battle with breast cancer is what inspired me to start my own photography business. I have tried to apply for grant funding for this project but to no avail, it would really mean a lot to me if we could get further people on board with this initiative in order to help as many patients feel beautiful.” said Leanne.

In Leanne’s hands, the camera becomes a tool for revealing the truth: that beauty, like any great photograph is unfiltered and uniquely captivating. Together, we can help more patients find their own moments of hope, courage, and confidence in the face of adversity.

Photo Credit: Unfiltered Beauty Photography Facebook Page




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