Celebrating A Century Of The Miriam Vale Magpies

Celebrating A Century Of The Miriam Vale Magpies

The Miriam Vale Magpies will soon celebrate the centenary event of their club.

Brick Hansen said that while it is difficult to describe what the club may have looked like 100 years ago, it is not hard to imagine what might have brought the team together.

“It is difficult to describe what the club may have looked like all those years ago, however it doesn’t take much imagination to envisage little more than a small group of tough, young, local men who were hardened by their everyday lives and work on the land,” said Brick.

“These men were probably looking for something more in life: whether it be a greater physical challenge, or simply the camaraderie that comes with such a physically demanding team sport.”

The club will be holding a celebration on August 20th this year, to celebrate the centenary milestone of the club in the Miriam Vale community centre. Ex-Australian representatives Gary Larson and Billy Moore will be in attendance of the presentation dinner. There will be a 20 prize multi-draw raffle, with a $500 wheelbarrow full of drinks and framed jerseys as main prizes.

“We will be naming our Miriam Vale Magpies Team Of The Century, and the evening’s formalities will be followed up by some live entertainment from Chris Bax. We will also be auctioning off a pretty special piece of memorabilia. It will be an action-packed night, full of fun and laughter.”

For more information about the event, including camping, dinner reservations, golf meet and greet and more, go to @onehundredyearsofmagpies on Facebook.

“Put simply, Rugby League helps build community.”

Photo courtesy of Adam Hansen. Names of players are as follows: Alex Holder, Bill Kellow, Percy Lough, Peter & Eddie Dahl, Bill & Harry Howard, Jack McLeod, Percy Butcher, Vince Mossman, Doug & Croft Bloomfield, Russell McDonald, John McLellan & captain Ned Deacon. Names courtesy of Betty Laver.