Celebrating International Women’s Day – Nat at Saloon Protein and Tea Bar

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Nat at Saloon Protein and Tea Bar

Being a young female manager can be difficult at times. Earning trust and respect can take a little more work. Proving your worth of your duties will take a little more hard work but it comes easy when you absolutely love what you do.

As part of my growth as being a female manager, I have found that knowledge and continuous education are key elements.  Being equally educated as a women than a man. Being actively involved with businesses in the community and being authentic, showcases the strong independent women that I am.  Being professional and proactive in my role is rewarding and motivational.

I have always believed that while doing business the relationships you develop are extremely important, treating people fairly and with great respect.  We have great people working with us and such a great community. My goal for our team is to give every single person that walks through our doors the best customer service possible. To fill them with knowledge while making them feel special and important.

Loving what you do every day is the biggest key to success. I love to inspire women and motivate them to take the leap and also challenge themselves. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easy, especially if this means braking old habits and going against everything you have ever known. While we have all had our own struggles but as a leader I will continue to share my stories with others in the hope to motivate them.

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