Celebrating International Women’s Day – Toolooa State High School

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Toolooa State High School

Toolooa State High School’s school captains are proud to be part of an all-female leadership team.

Jessica Rose

Being on an all-girl team this year is exciting. We have all gone through High School together and I feel that we will work well together to achieve some really great things and make a positive difference. In the future, I see myself pursuing my passion for music and using my influence to help change the world for the better.

Emilie Vogler

Being a school leader in my final year of high school seems to open up a door to opportunities and personal growth. It is challenging but rewarding to upkeep the legacy of Toolooa State High School and its previous captains. All their own accomplishments have inspired me to step up and take on this role.

Jasmine Elliot

It is an absolute honour to be considered a leader-whether that’s as school captain of a brilliant school or in other pursuits. For me it’s about sparking change, inspiring and being inspired. In the future, I aspire to pursue a career in medicine, looking towards surgery, and continuing to make a positive impact.

Nethmini Alahakoon

As a woman and a person of culturally diverse background, to be able to be a school captain has been a real confidence booster. I am looking forward to making a difference at the school with my fellow female captains. I intend to be an inspiration to women young and old, while I continue pursuing my dreams of studying computer science and engineering.